SYNERGISE project will develop an integrated toolkit for improved safety of first responders and management of natural and man-made disasters

SYNERGISE will develop and demonstrate a Novel Integrated Toolkit for Collaborative Response and Enhanced Situational Awareness (NIT-CRES)

SYNERGISE - subheadline

The SYNERGISE project, funded by the Horizon Europe funding program, seeks to enhance the efficiency and safety of first responders during life-saving missions.

To achieve this, the SYNERGISE team will develop a Novel Integrated Toolkit for Collaborative Response and Enhanced Situational Awareness (NIT-CRES),  designed to facilitate emergency response missions.

The SYNERGISE novel Toolkit will:

  • Boost situational awareness and sense-making by offering first responders the means to autonomously and synergistically perform indoor and outdoor exploration of incident sites towards victim detection.
  • Receive at all times information about responders’ position and vitals as well as analyses of passive and active threats and hazards at the area of operations.
  • Upgrade collaborative response and incident as well as resources management by continuously sharing and updating the common operational picture across deployed teams, among the chain of command and between participating agencies.
  • Equip the first responders at all fronts by delivering novel, affordable, accepted, and customized response tools and services as part of their operational assets.  
SYNERGISE - Testimonial

Tiina Ristmäe

“SYNERGISE seeks to match the operational needs of first responder teams with current technological capabilities”

Tiina Ristmäe
SYNERGISE Project Coordinator, THW

Evangelos Sdongos

“The technologies to be delivered in the SYNERGISE project will provide unmatched capabilities to address the operational needs and procedures of first responders’ teams. This will enhance first responders’ safety, situational awareness, sense making and collaborative incident management.”

Evangelos Sdongos
SYNERGISE Project Technical Coordinator, ASTRIAL GmbH

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The SYNERGISE project highlighted developing tech to boost efficiency and safety for #firstresponders in critical humanitarian missions at the #HNPW. Visit our SYNERGISE Youtube channel ➡️ 🚀👨‍🚒
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