The SYNERGISE project's strategic pathway and technical developments prioritize the needs of first responders, ensuring a comprehensive and effective approach to emergency situations.


SYNERGISE - subheadline

Explore the intricate details of the SYNERGISE project’s workplan through the graphic overview below. This visual guide illustrates the seamless interplay and convergence of various work streams within the project, offering a comprehensive understanding of how each component contributes to the overarching goals of the SYNERGISE project.


Through eight work packages, the SYNERGISE project ensures all project objectives are achieved. The individual work packages collaborate closely to ultimately to develop a Novel Integrated Toolkit for Collaborative Response and Enhanced Situational Awareness (NIT-CRES).

Work package WP1

Practitioners Needs & Toolkit Architecture and Design

This work package aims:

  • To link the users with the project’s technology partners.
  • To provide the operational and technical framework for the SYNERGISE technologies development and evaluation.

Work package WP2

Developing the robots mobility and manipulation capabilities

The objectives of this work package are:

  • To advance mobility capabilities of the swarm of robots.
  • To provide robotic manipulations skills.
  • To develop the snake payload and integrate into the legged-robot.
  • To advance environment-aware autonomous navigation.

Work package WP3

Advancing the environment representation and robot autonomy

The objectives of this work package are:

  • To advance environment representation.
  • To advance robotic swarm autonomy.
  • To advance control capabilities with the use of AR.
  • To allow swarm acting as companions to FRs.

Work package WP4

Wearables techs for FRs (Real time indoor and outdoor responder Geolocation & proximity to risks & hazards)

This work package aims:

  • To deliver infrastructure-less wearables for FRs localization.
  • To allow indoor/outdoor seamless transition.
  • To deliver wearables for FRs health status monitoring and detection of active threats.

Work package WP5

Multi-agency collaboration and Incident Management and Augmenting the Common Operational Picture

This work package aims:

  • To deliver HQ and field reliable, ad-hoc, speedily deployable, high bandwidth communication.
  • To deliver multi-agency collaborative Incident Management and to augment the common operational picture.
  • To deliver actionable intelligence and effective and interoperable resources, logistics and information management across actors.

Work package WP6

System Integration, Testing & Evaluation and Knowledge Capitalization

The objective of this work package is:

  • To deliver a rich Integration, Testing and Validation Activities Programme.

Work package WP7

High Impact Creation-Dissemination-Communication-Exploitation and
Enhancement of International Cooperation

This Work package aims:

  • To build awareness about the objectives, scope, and results of SYNERGISE to relevant stakeholders through planning and implementing targeted communication, dissemination, and exploitation activities.
  • To facilitate stakeholder engagement and network building targeting European and international stakeholders and networks.
  • To design a robust business and exploitation strategy for the commercialisation of SYNERGISE outputs.
  • To enhance international collaboration through the delivery of a way-of-working framework.

Work package WP8

Project coordination & governance, R&D Management and SELP monitoring

The aim of this work package is:

  • To provide leadership, governance, legal & ethical supervision, technical & scientific coordination and management support to SYNERGISE.
  • To ensure the involvement and consideration of the project external expertise.