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SYNERGISE organised the First Responder Workshop

Stockholm, Sweden

2-3 November 2023

SYNERGISE - subheadline

The search for victims in disaster-stricken areas is a challenging task, and ensuring the safety and efficiency of first responders is essential. To enhance the effectiveness of rescue missions, it is necessary to identify scenarios that align with the challenges faced by first responders.

The first responder workshop took place at Södertörns brandförsvarsförbund in Stockholm on 2-3 November 2023. Here, both first responders and technology experts pooled their expertise to finalize the project scenario and use cases, complete the first responders’ task descriptions, compile technology watch based on use cases, and define functional and non-functional requirements of first responders.

Their objective was to gain a precise understanding of the technological enhancements to the toolkit that is being developed in the SYNERGISE project. This effort aims to support and benefit first responders during responses to both natural and man-made disasters.