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International conference of the Academy of Internal Defense

Tallinn, Estonia

11-12 October 2023

SYNERGISE - subheadline

The Estonian Academy of Security Sciences in cooperation with the Rescue College and the Institute of Internal Security are organising a conference on civil protection on October 11-12, 2023.

“The Road to a Safer Tomorrow”

The conference took place at the EASS Conference Centre at 61 Kase Street in Tallinn Estonia and online.

Civil protection is based on the population’s ability to protect themselves and, if necessary, help each other until help arrives as a joint effort of different members of the society – individuals, communities, local government units, entrepreneurs and government institutions. The conference will explore the most current and relevant topics in protecting civilians in case of threats and crises and in preparing for it, similarly the role of various organisations as well as the state and community.

Who is responsible for protecting the population? What could be done by the state to preserve and protect the nation? How can security be ensured in a small country with limited resources? How much should be contributed by the state and how much by ourselves to be prepared for crises, and who and what can we rely on? How do our nearby countries protect their society and what conditions have they created for this? Is there anything we can learn from the unique practises of more distant countries?

Civil protection is an extensive topic including people’s own preparedness for crises with sufficient supplies at home as well as national supplies, threat notification systems, bomb shelters, back-up systems for vital services etc. All this and much more will be discussed at the conference.