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The SYNERGISE project was part of the Security Research Event 2023

Brussels, Belgium

24 October 2023

SYNERGISE - subheadline

A central goal of the SYNERGISE project is to consistently enhance the safety of first responders throughout their life-saving missions. This commitment serves as a primary focus, forming the bedrock for achieving successful and efficient operations, particularly in critical disaster areas.

The SYNERGISE project actively participated in The Security Research Event (SRE) 2023—an annual gathering of policymakers, business professionals, and academic institutions discussing the current state of affairs and challenges in security research in Europe. The SRE 2023 has been organised by the European Commission with the support of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU, represented by Spanish Departamento de Retos Sociales, Dirección de Programas de la UE y Cooperación Territorial.

This year’s theme, “Societal Transformations, Climate Change, and Digitalization – A New Paradigm of Security Research?” centered on the challenges presented by global megatrends, fundamentally reshaping the security landscape in the EU. The SYNERGISE project consortium was actively engaged, connecting with advisors to discuss and contribute to addressing future security challenges and exploring the shift from a reactive to a more proactive approach