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SYNERGISE Kick-Off Meeting

Essen, Germany

5-7 September, 2023

SYNERGISE - subheadline

18 partners from Europe, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and the United States gathered at the SYNERGISE Kick-off meeting for a three-day collaborative effort to launch the SYNERGISE project. The primary objective of this 42-month initiative is to conceptualize, develop, integrate, deploy, test, validate, and demonstrate the Novel Integrated Toolkit for Collaborative Response and Enhanced Situational Awareness (NIT-CRES).

The goal of the SYNERGISE project is to enhance the management of natural and man-made disasters by promoting collaboration among first responders. This collaboration seeks to amplify mission effectiveness and improve victim detection in highly challenging and complex incident sites.

Throughout the three-day SYNERGISE Kick-off meeting, participants were immersed in a comprehensive agenda. The event covered the introduction of SYNERGISE objectives, detailed insights into project structure, meticulous planning discussions, key milestones, and a preview of anticipated results. Individual partner presentations and a comprehensive overview of all Work Packages were integral components, ensuring that each participant gained a thorough understanding of the project’s scope and objectives.

Interactive workshops and live discussions enriched the proceedings, fostering engagement and enabling real-time exploration of project intricacies. The exchange of ideas and information during these sessions contributed to a holistic understanding of the SYNERGISE initiative and set a robust foundation for collaborative efforts moving forward.