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The SYNERGISE project organised the second First Responder Workshop

Rotterdam, Netherlands

7-8 Febuary 2024

SYNERGISE - subheadline

Navigating disaster-stricken areas presents challenges, underscoring the critical need to prioritize the safety and efficiency of our first responders.

To enhance the effectiveness of rescue missions, it is crucial to define scenarios that accurately reflect the challenges encountered by first responders during operations.

This workshop occurred in Rotterdam on February 7-8, 2024, providing a pivotal and collaborative forum for first responders and technical partners from the SYNERGISE consortium. It served as an opportunity for participants to engage in discussions, understand each other’s operational methodologies and gain comprehensive insight into the SYNERGISE solutions available.

On day 1, the objective was to define and ultimately finalize the operational procedures and user requirements for every component of the SYNERGISE technology and the overarching system.

On day 2, the team delved into crucial updates regarding the human-robot teaming framework, essential for facilitating seamless interaction between first responders and robots in disaster areas and discussed the final requirements that were elaborated during the collaborative group sessions.